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Member Spotlight

Member Benefit Statement 2017

Do you know how much profit or loss you have made on your MPF assets? Your annual member benefit statement offers you a performance overview of your assets since the opening of your account.

We know the numbers can get overwhelming, so here’s a simple video to help you make sense of your MPF statement.

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Investment Insights

Keep calm and carry on

Is the recent market volatility making you feel uneasy? Should you reallocate your MPF assets or wait and see?
Find out how to stay invested amidst the markets’ ups and downs through our simple Q&A.

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MPF Classroom 

Why too much of a good thing can be bad for your MPF portfolio

Do you invest only in local equity funds like most MPF members? You may be missing out on opportunities for better returns offered through diversification.

Avoid being a victim of concentration risk: here are tips from KP Luk, Fidelity’s Head of HK DC Business. 

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Monthly Investment Report

Stay ahead of the market with our monthly investment report

Uncover the latest trends, track the fund performance of your MPF scheme, and empower yourself to make better decisions for your MPF portfolio.

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